Dota 2 – Review of my current play

I have had a fantastic day of Dota. Finally I’ve had a bit of time to myself and I’ve taken up my old and favourite hobby once more, and I have a lot to say about it. To ease us into the Dota 2 heavy summer, I thought I’d take the chance to talk about how I’ve found the current meta.

I think that the changes have been everything Dota needed. I didn’t play for almost the whole month after 6.86 came out and I think that has enhanced my view of it greatly, but I also feel certain things have been balanced. Enchantress, for example, a hero seen in near every game of professional Dota, whether it be as a ban or a pick, has seen herself nerfed, particularly by the melee range increase that came with 6.86. It has made chasing her down that much easier. I am still yet to see Arc Warden now that he has been “balanced” but I have high hopes.

Overall I feel that I have returned to form. I played a couple of games with my friends, a win and a loss, and I felt that I was playing at a lower MMR than mine. It was shaky but it was good to refamiliarise myself with things. In my games today I have felt significantly more confident, more aggressive and, ultimately, making better decisions. Of course I found myself sometimes going in unnecessarily, but I feel that I making few mistakes.

I especially feel confident with the carries I’ve been playing. I find that offlane might be where I need to go more since that’s the role I am hoping to fill at my university team, but playing mid and safelane have benefited me hugely. I maintained my undefeated record as Chaos Knight earlier, scored a solid win as Alchemist, one of my least successful heroes to date and a thoroughly enjoyable and high paced match as a mid Night Stalker, though I still need to work on my hook sense for pudges. I feel that I fall prey to hooks far too easily.

Flattery over however, I feel that I will stick to Single Draft until I have played a few more heroes. I still need to feel out the meta and find out what I feel is strong, but then ranked is on the horizon. I am once more ready to brave that den of toxicity in the pursuit of MMR.


A taste of what’s to come; I’ll be doing something on this year’s Compendium and a perspective at what is to come at the Manilla Major and in TI6. Hopefully some rambling about heroes as well.


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