Rambling about my week

I’m really trying to upload something everyday at the moment but, while I have a few things started, they are all a bit too heavy for me to finish right now so I am just going to tell you how my week has been.

Monday was pretty special. My dad surprised me a few weeks ago by telling me he got tickets to see Muse at the O2 in London, so my day revolved around that. We went to Denmark Street in the afternoon to kill some time and have some fun for free. We looked around a guitar shop called Wunjo. I haven’t really been looking for a new guitar but it’s been on my mind a few times recently as my acoustic, in reality, really isn’t very good. I found quite a nice acoustic whose name escapes me and I also fell in love with an electric that I tried out. However, I preface this with a story.

The acoustic guitars were kept in a separate room to the electrics so I hadn’t heard what was going on in the other room while trying them out. I tried an Airline guitar as I had always idolised them because of Jack White playing mainly an Airline in the White Stripes. However, it wasn’t particularly to my taste but I would have liked to try it properly. You see, while I was trying to play, there was an annoying teenager showing off on the other side of the room with his amp turned up quite loud. He was about 16 I think and, while I think he was very good at guitar, probably better than me, it doesn’t detract from the fact that I think he’s a dick. His mum then turned around and my dad recognised her as the actress from Outnumbered. So I was in the presence of a pseudo-celebrity, which was fun, and her dickhead son who got bought a £900 guitar. In total, my 3 guitars, 3 amps, 2 leads and pedalboard have cost me (and members of my family) around £500. I don’t even think the guitar he got was particularly nice, but that’s besides the point.

Incidentally, the electric that I liked was a Gibson Firebird for £550. I won’t be getting it any time soon.

Muse in the evening were fantastic. Amazing crowd, amazing show and phenomenal music. I hadn’t really liked their latest album Drones but seeing it live really brought it to life.

The next morning I woke up with something that I had caught from the crowd and then spent the next two days feeling very under the weather. However, I couldn’t relax any more after that because my dad was taking me back to university.

Since then I’ve done very little work and visited a lot of my friends. It’s been great fun, but today has really put a downer on the whole thing. I couldn’t sleep very well last night and I have been incredibly hungover for most of the day with a really bad headache and a stomach ache. I didn’t even feel up to cooking, which is rare for me. I love cooking and the only thing that usually holds me back from making fancy things is the price, however, my student loan came in so I had bought the ingredients to make curry from scratch and was going to do that. Unfortunately I really couldn’t face it so I ordered a takeaway instead which was lovely and I’m glad I did it, but I may live to regret spending so much on a couple of meals.

I won’t be spending much over the coming weeks though. Exams are looming and they mean more stress and less fun. I won’t go out as much, or nearly at all as I expect, so money will become less of an issue.


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