Calm like still water

Over the exam period I have decided to take up meditation again. On the face of it, meditation doesn’t appear to be my thing; I like to be as busy as possible with different projects and it has become more and more difficult for me lately to justify spending time doing things like watching films or TV shows because I always feel guilty for it. However, meditation really does seem to help me.

I’ll start this off with a caveat though; I doubt meditation is for everyone. You can’t meditate your problems away and I always prefer more active methods of dealing with my problems because, like many people, they dominate my thoughts a lot more than I wish them to. However, what meditation does do for me is put me in a state of calm and relaxation.

I started by watching a youtube video which, thankfully, I have managed to find again. A lot of the videos on how to meditate are quite long and I think they are for people who are more serious about it than I. However, this video covers the basics and is informative enough to get started. Afterall, when you are trying to relax the last thing you need to do is learn all the ins and outs of how to relax.

I do it for about 10 minutes each day before bed. It takes away all the stress from my exams and the stress from the irritating people in my life, the number of which is kept to a minimum and, at the moment, consists of but one person. There’s no point spending time worrying about other people and this helps me remember that and completely remove thoughts of them from my mind. Exam stress it has less of an effect on but it still helps me sleep, something which I am finding more and more difficult the further through my education I get.

I don’t quite know what I hope to achieve with this post, I just wanted to talk about something that took me a while to even realise was an option but now I find incredibly helpful.


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