Dota 2 – Deliberately being a dick (The story of a loss streak)

Today, after playing a few games of Single Draft, I cracked. I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided that, after the first minute of this game, I was going to deliberately troll because we were 6-0 after 60 seconds. However, this story starts long before just today.

My current run of losses started almost 2 weeks ago when I tried to spam Outworld Devourer to try and get good at him. I’d played him a couple of times before and found him quite fun, but I was never really a mid player and, to be honest, I just prefered other heroes. However, I’d been losing more games than I had been winning so I thought that, even if it took me a while, it might be good to destroy with an overpower hero for a little while.

I usually play Single Draft because I hate the kinds of people you meet in All Pick, but obviously I went back to it. I actually had quite a nice time, however, every game some new hell awaited me in mid. The first OD game, which is the only one of 5 that I won, I was getting my bearings. I did okay mid but I died to a rotation from their enchantress after getting Cold Snapped by the Invoker I was playing against. However, I ganked a bit and managed to get out Phantom Assassin a Battlefury quite quickly and she carried us to a very quick victory. I didn’t feel like I’d had much of a chance to shine but I was happy to refamiliarise myself with the hero.

Then came a 5 ranged-Drow Ranger strat that wiped the floor with out team and no one could do anything about it. I swept it under the rug, but, of course, it’s always frustrating to get stomped.

Then, in the next game, I lost mid to a Clinkz and, after staging a small comeback, their Spectre was fat enough to win the game on her own.

Then I got destroyed mid by a Death Prophet and out Juggernaut rage quit after 3 deaths.

Then, in the final game, I lost to Spectre again because she reached that critical point where no one could properly fight her on our team.

That was the end of Outworld Devourer for me. I didn’t enjoy playing him and decided he wasn’t really my hero. That said, the people I met were surprisingly nice.

I moved back home for the Easter Holidays and took a break before coming back to Single Draft, and that’s where the real pain began.

I played really inconsistently for a few days. I mostly played fairly well but when we lost about 50% of the time it was a stomp, but no matter, at the rate I was playing I usually played 3 games in a day and then had a break for two days. However, I got Ursa, my favourite hero (even before he was OP) and decided to pick him. I went safelane with a useless Omniknight but came out on top. I did pretty well, ending the game 13-6-10 where the last death was a kill-less buyback at the end of the game, however, I was angry.

The aforementioned Omniknight kept berating me for “not carrying the game,” even though, instead of Aghanims Sceptre after Mek, he decided that it would be better for him to build a Yasha and Aquila and basically feed before he could get his ulti off. He reported me. I reported him. All was fine, I let it go. However, next game I played terribly.

It was Shadow Fiend, someone who has certainly fallen from grace over the last few months. I used to play him a lot in 6.83 and 6.84, however, I’d only played a few of my 60+ games with him over the last few months and this really showed as I lost mid quite considerably to Death Prophet after Shadow Demon ganked me twice in the first 4 minutes. They were trilaning bot and Mirana was just useless. I got flamed, I told Mirana what I thought of her. She didn’t roam, she never arrowed (I try not to insult people if they miss skillshots but at least they try) and she didn’t support, which really annoyed me.

I know I am not at a good MMR, and I know that everyone likes to play a carry, but sometimes you just need to man up and play a support. It’s the reason I like Single Draft because I’ll see someone like Skywrath Mage, whom I almost never play, and think that I can have some fun with him and so I pick him and support. Either that or I pick people like Zeus or Mirana and support with them. Then, if I get a support that I like playing anyway like Lina or Crystal Maiden, I can pick them too.

Clearly this Mirana didn’t understand that though. No wards, no courier upgrade, no help at all and no attempt to set up ganks. I bought the wards after losing mid because no one else was going to buy them but, at that point, it was already too late. I sigh.

However, the travesty that was that day’s games was nothing compared to the fucking waste of time that my games were today. As I said, I snapped. I was going into the day after a 3 loss streak but I’d been practising in bots every so often and, bar the Shadow Fiend game, I’d generally done reasonably well.

First game was as Gyrocopter. This one was mostly on me. I had some bad lag because I didn’t realise that my virus scanner was downloading an update for the first 15 minutes of the game. Then Beastmaster abandoned and I took my opportunity to leave with some grace as well. It was not my finest hour but, after sorting out my lag problems, I returned to Single Draft determined to break my now 4 loss streak.

Medusa. One of my favourite heroes. My ideal heroes are ones that farm away until they get a couple of items and then enter the fray and turn the tide of the match. I was playing really well, despite not doing so greatly in lane. I laned with a Treant Protector against a Slark and a Nature’s Prophet. As soon as we got into lane Treant started trying to farm as well. I pinged him and told him to stop. He ignored me but, fortunately, he wasn’t great and was mainly focused on not taking too much harass damage from the Slark. Pudge rage quit after dying twice to the Templar Assassin in mid. I paused. The enemy unpaused. No one else paused afterwards so we spent minute 3 to 6 without a midlaner. With Pudge they are crucial minutes as well as they are the ones where your ganks can really catch people off guard.

We didn’t do well. They had a Drow so Nature’s Prophet was doing good damage early and, by filling the lane with his trees, they had taken the tier 1 by about 4 minutes in. However, they got greedy and a couple of rotations from our Spirit Breaker, who was fun to play with even though he too was very greedy with his charges, netted me a couple of kills and a couple of assists which got me my Yasha in good timing. I then went on to build Skadi. However, they just began to push down towers while I had no items and it was difficult, to say the least, to get people to group up and react, especially since NO ONE CARRIED TP SCROLLS!!!!

Serious, how do you even get to 1k MMR without learning that? It’s basic stuff. But, with one Tier 2 left standing, we took a couple of teamfights and I got my Skadi. I then was going to go on to build MKB but, despite the fact that I had the most damage besides out Juggernaut, Treant whom I reminded him had taken a load of last hits in lane, asked me “where’s your damage Medusa, you piece of Russian shit?” Asked me about my MMR, my real name, where I came from. i bit back and, while I was playing as well as I could, I can’t exactly be expected to solo win the game while Juggernaut omnislashed a creep wave. Seriously, he would omnislash regardless of whether there were creeps present or not, regardless of how many or how few. He wasn’t even that bad, I just don’t think he knew about timing. For example, when I use my ultimate as Medusa, that is when he should use his ultimate, but I didn’t mind too much. He was bad, but he wasn’t moaning and he wasn’t actively detracting.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that no one bought a courier until 12 minutes in? Yeah, THAT HAPPENED!

Then came my Skywrath Mage game. Oh joy of joys. Single Draft again, I was position 5 as expected. I was the only support, which I usually don’t mind, but after 1 minute I knew that that was the end of my supporting. The team was Arc Warden, Timbersaw, Chaos Knight, Viper and me.

Viper went mid. I told Arc Warden to come with me because he was the true hard carry amongst the team, then CK and Timber could take the offlane and CK could roam a bit (It works really well actually)

Chaos Knight said that he would go top, but when I say that I mean that he called me a “fucking asshole” and went top. Timbersaw also called me an asshole and it just ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back. I decided that I was going to have some fun with this.

It proved an exceptionally good game to troll. Only Arc Warden could control himself even slightly, but everyone else, as soon as they tasted blood, would chase for half the map and then get turned around upon because the rest of their team would show up.

I was sworn at solidly for the first 10 minutes and pinged incessantly by Chaos Knight and Timbersaw. Timbersaw asked me my MMR. I told him that the highest I’d ever been was 2.7k. I have a strong feeling that that was better than what he had ever been because he went very quiet after that. I also said that it didn’t particularly matter because, in the here and the now, I was playing significanty better than him.

There was a push at top by the enemy team around 14 minutes. The game was lost at this point. After going bottom and being forced into stupid situations by the Timbersaw Arc Warden had Boots of Speed, Gloves of Haste and 1000 gold of the 1550 he needed for a Midas recipe. He finally got it at 17 minutes. I said that, if he had been allowed to go top, we might be in with a shot at winning this game, but fuck me right?

Anyway, the enemy were as 4, though I don’t recall who wasn’t there but it was either Phantom Assassin or Enchantress. However, after losing a 3 on 4 in which Chaos Knight and Viper died, I retreated. I got pinged, despite the fact that Global Silence had rendered me useless and Earthshaker had landed a good Fissure to his credit. It didn’t help that Chaos Knight had pulled himself over it using Reality Rift to then be caught at the wrong end of Silencer’s right clicks. Then, because the enemy team had some trouble pushing for some reason, people respawned and Teleported in.




I said “nice feeding top there,” and CK said to “stfuü.” That umlauted u is not a typo by the way, that’s exactly what he put. I then actually glanced at their scores and quoted them to them. To my surprise, I was positive with as many assists as I had kills. I guess that’s the nature of Skywrath; you really fall off after level 16 especially, particularly against Silencer. I was doing very well all things considered.

I then went full ham and I am fairly sure that everyone besides Arc Warden reported me because Arc Warden made a pretty good play killing PA mid by baiting her to attack his illusion under our Tier 3 and then showing himself under the Tier 4 which she promptly blinked to just to eat my ulti and his Necronomicon units.

That game raised my blood pressure. I was, and am, still soooo angry. The Dota 2 community is so incredibly toxic and, usually, it’s just like the Mirana and the Treant who suck but think they’re hot shit and know how to play better than everyone. They start shouting at you around 25 minutes when all hope is truly lost and then I mute them, but that last game particularly was just a cluster fuck from start to finish and I wouldn’t have minded had they just had any reason, any at all, but they didn’t, they just came out of the gates and angry and so I decided to act in kind because I’d fucking had enough.

This is the match in question by the way. I was 7/7/10 (Kills/Deaths/Assists) by the end. I did the second most damage on my team, 100 damage behind CK.


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