Dota 2 – Why stop at one Rapier?

I’m back home from university at the moment and, as such, the internet isn’t always great. It’s nice because I can get a lot of work done without the distraction of Dota but I still want to play every so often. I lost 3 games today though, even though I played really well in two of them (everyone loses mid as Shadow Fiend, right?) and so I was a bit bummed out; so I invented a game.

It’s called “Why stop at one?” and the rules are thus: Set bots to unfair, pick a hero that you can have fun with (I personally like Ember Spirit) and then lane as normal. Buy your normal items at the start and build your boots and a bottle. The whole idea here is to NEVER go back to base so you’ll be needing that bottle. Fortunately rune control is really easy in bot matches.

Then, once you have both these things in your inventory build a Divine Rapier. Then don’t stop building Divine Rapiers until you have finished the game. If you die at any point you lose and have to start again.

I just had great fun in a game as Ember where I refused to push because I destroyed their barracks in 3 hits. I ended with 34 kills, 0 deaths and 2 assists. I even had 200 cs after a 31 minute game which I was surprised by but the only reason it was so high was because I killed creeps in 1 hit after the 2nd rapier.

Now, a few things to note;

  • I prefer never to buy tp scrolls. Ember, of course, doesn’t have to worry about that too much because he can jump back to lane.
  • Don’t build Boots of Travel – that’s cheating!
  • Going back to the fountain to heal is, of course, allowed, I just try to do it less in this game because any time not spent farming or killing heroes doesn’t get you any closer to your next rapier.
  • Add extra challenge by picking a hero you would never want a Divine Rapier on. Heroes like Keeper of the Light and Io are great for this. You will still be the one to farm though.
  • If you’re really insane then buy nothing at the start of the game and just rush Rapier. It’s worth saying though that, in the Ember Spirit game, I had Phase Boots, Bottle and Rapier by 13 minutes because I was lucky with the runes.

Have fun 🙂


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