Updates and plans for this blog (My music)

I have been incredibly underactive on this blog lately. It’s getting to exam period and I started revising a couple of weeks ago so it’s not entirely unreasonable. On top of that I have spent a lot of my time playing music when I am free and in a creative mood rather than writing articles. However, over the coming couple of months I will still try to post as much as I can, though I still have no official upload schedule and it will most likely be just as ideas come to me. That said, I have 12 drafts of articles waiting for me according to WordPress. I’ll get round to finishing them… sometime.

I mentioned music though which is something I wanted to talk about specifically. In the New Year I made a promise to myself to really go for it with my guitar and singing this year and, thus far, I’ve been doing pretty well with that. I have played a couple of acoustic shows (hence the picture) where I performed a mix of covers and originals, and I have more lined up for the summer. I have written a couple of songs that I am happy with and have an album’s worth of lines and riffs to sort through at a later date. It’s plugging along quite well and as soon as I set up a page/blog/soundcloud dedicated to it I will post it here so people can check it out.

I am also in the process of setting up a band but nothing will come of it as of yet. Our bassist needs to buy a bass guitar, our drummer needs to get his proper drums from home and bring them to uni and, on top of that, he needs to get into university next year, something which he is convincing me he is incapable of. We also need a name (Knife The King or First Against The Wall are my favourites at the moment) but we still have a long time to come up with one.

In terms of Dota, I have only recently had time to start playing again. I have been incredibly rusty but I have managed to shake that off. I was also getting disheartened by All Pick and Ranked so I am sticking to Single Draft now and enjoying it a lot more. In terms of the proscene, I still follow it rather closely but I watch significantly less now than I used to. I mainly put this down to Virtus.Pro’s performance being absolute wank over the last few months since The Summit 4 and a distinct lack of tournaments that interest me.

I enjoyed Captain’s Draft but VP and Vega were the only teams that really interested me and I was so disheartened by VP’s performance at the start that I didn’t watch much after they got eliminated. I also find this meta incredibly dull to watch, though I have been told that the second half of the Shanghai Major was very entertaining. I have a post about The Shanghai Major in the works but I will let it be known now that my views on it are not positive. I didn’t like the format, I’m bitter because I missed the predictions on the Compendium because I was in another country, the casting was stale and I think the drama became more important than the Dota.

Anything else to talk about? I got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award which was pretty cool, I guess. I mean, I think it’s basically akin to a chain-letter but I got nominated by The Grae Area which was good at least because I do enjoy her Dota 2 related work. However, I won’t be doing my own nominations. Frankly, when I try and look for blogs to follow that I might like I find myself severely underwhelmed.

At least half of them that I see are just exhibits of people’s short-form fiction, which I have no problem with but almost all of them are terrible. I will say no more than that because I think it’s another post and it might get a bit ranty. A number of others are just links to YouTube videos or short, one-paragraph posters. So only about 5% of the blogs on this site have even a chance of interesting me. That’s the nature of user-created content though, I just wish WordPress had better filters so I could hone in on that 5%.

In summary, everything’s a bit hectic but I’m having a lovely time. Music is coming along, this blog is falling behind, Dota 2 is a sin-wave and uni is alright… I wish I had more time so that I could do everything because I am incredibly busy at the moment but I’m enjoying myself at least.


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