A Terrible Day That Turned Out Okay

I have had a terrible day. Last night, in the early hours of the morning, I was trying to write a blog post about Buzzfeed and why I hate it, focused around an article they ran. I’m not going to post it because it’s one of the worst posts I’ve ever written but I spent a good 90 minutes trying to make it work. I went to bed angry and couldn’t sleep. As a result I didn’t get up early enough to do my assignment in for this afternoon and the knowledge of this plagued me all day, thrusting me into lethargy.

The assignment was a coding assignment. I do maths and statistics and, for some reason, they feel the need to give us an incredibly brief to a number of different mathematical computing programmes without going into any real depth and with a lack of good direction. Then they test us on it and then we forget about the programme.  To top it all off, I find coding incredibly difficult as it is akin to learning another language, something I have struggled with in the past.

I sat down to do the assignment last night at around 5. I’d given myself plenty of time to do it but, lo and behold, the programme I needed to use to do the assignment wouldn’t work on my computer, hence why I went onto campus to do it today. It didn’t matter anyway because, after half an hour of fiddling around, I had done the first part of the first question. There were five questions.

The notes were unclear and annoying, the assignment was hard, I hadn’t slept well and I already was in a terrible mood. The only good thing that had happened up until that point was my walk to campus in the sun. I walk through a park into campus and all the daffodils are in bloom at the moment and some of the trees are just starting to turn green so it somewhat alleviated my mood, if briefly. Walking back from campus after giving up on my assignment, I had the same thing to look forward to.

It was nice but it didn’t completely remove the clouds from around my head until a large dog, I assume a golden retriever, walked next to me on the path. I don’t get on with dogs very well as I was bitten by one as a child but, over the last few years, I have slowly gotten better. It’s owner was waiting off by the road, I assume talking on the phone or something, and the dog was just wandering around. I let it sniff my hand and I stroked it for maybe 15 to 30 seconds.

It was nice. It’s strange to say this but, at university, I feel like there’s a lack of deeper connection. Everyone at uni is just going through the motions and it gets to me sometimes, but that dog cleared all those thoughts away.

I don’t know why and I doubt it will happen again but, for the moment, I feel rather content, despite the dreadful start to the day. I just wanted to share it with someone.


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