The New Ghostbusters Trailer – The Sexism Defense

The first trailer for the new Ghostbusters film was released a few days ago. It has an all female cast and, from the trailer, zero other characters and, while I am going to be unduly harsh to this trailer, I wanted to talk about something more important because I think the film and, by extension, the advertising for it needs to be discussed.

The problem I have is that the film is solely being sold on the fact that it has an all-female main cast. Not only that, but if you attempt to criticise it, like I am going to do in just a moment, you will be branded a sexist. It’s branding itself as a reboot but reboots have the same characters as the original. It misses the point of the original Ghostbusters and why it was good. I implore you to take a look at the trailer for the original film and tell me how the new trailer has improved.

But let’s get off of talking about how bad the film is before it’s even come out because there’s plenty to rip into in the trailer. Not least among these things is the “comedy.” Writing comedy is hard. I understand that. However, if you’re in charge of writing a big-budget Hollywood release then you should probably be doing better than this. I can tell that it is trying to make me laugh but there’s nothing that I actually found funny because all the jokes are little set pieces that you might get from a book titled “An idiot’s guide to writing comedy.” Worse still, all the jokes feel like they have been beaten into the script with an inflatable hammer and so all feel out of place and pace-breaking.

Also, someone should really tell Leslie Jones that saying things loudly does not make them funny.

I think the CGI was always intended to be janky so that it looked like a B-movie like the original did, and so the animators should be congratulated for doing their jobs so well, and the director tactfully reminded that deliberately bad is still bad. Everything looks like it’s from about 10 years ago and I have this terrible fear that at some point it wanted to be released in 3D and people just ran with it. Lots of things fly into the camera as if they are trying to make you jump. This feels like everyone is aware that they are making a trashy movie so everything is “that’ll do.”

Watching it for the umpteenth time today just now, a thought popped into my head. It reminds me somewhat of a D&D campaign. All the jokes are really funny if you’re part of the group but no one else really cares or finds them as funny as you do. There’s really nothing to commend in this trailer, even to fans of the original.


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