Do whatever the fuck you want!

As I was scrolling through the “Discover” section on WordPress I saw this article and thought that the bluff it pulled amused me. It’s a piece titled “Twelve habits of happy, healthy people who don’t give a shit about your inner peace,” and then, instead of being the clickbait that I expected yet couldn’t help myself from checking out, it made a point about how every advice article like that is eerily similar and equally useless.

Succinctly, but in far more artsy words, the articles all tell you to do whatever the fuck you want.

In a time when many are trying to better themselves by making resolutions that often set unrealistic goals to impress people who don’t need to be impressed, I think that’s quite good advice. The truth is that, if you’re not a fucking idiot about it, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

An easy example from my life would be energy drinks. I like energy drinks but I drink them only very rarely. If I drank them frequently then I’d probably get fat and get diabetes unless I changed parts of my lifestyle. I drink them in moderation, which is how I treat everything in life. Of course, as human beings, we are wont to binge but, if you’re not an idiot about it and you can control yourself regardless of what it is you’re going to binge on, you can try and enjoy most things that are considered “bad for you,” without too many consequences.

As always there is a thin line between moderating your own behaviour and enabling it. The most dangerous lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves. Another example from my life is how my weight has changed since Christmas. I weighed myself when I went home for Christmas and didn’t weigh myself again until I was visiting a friend this weekend. My house doesn’t have a set of bathroom scales and so it shocked me slightly to find that I had put on a stone in weight in two months. I wouldn’t call my lifestyle “active,” but I walk or cycle to and from lectures/town/the supermarket/literally everywhere I go because I can’t drive and never take public transport because of money. That didn’t change at all, but I did start eating more junk food because of the amount of work I accrued last term. I’ve changed now because I realise how unhealthy my lifestyle was becoming, but for two months I had been lying to myself by pretending that, because I went everywhere under my own steam, it wasn’t affecting me much, if at all.

Concluding remarks feel somewhat arbitrary in an article like this. When something is literally titled “do whatever the fuck you want,” it seems strange to give my own thoughts as a final remark. I’ll simply reiterate how much I believe in the mantra “everything in moderation.”

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