The UK is pretty much all doom and gloom

This week has been bad. Terrible really, not just for the UK but for the world as a whole. From Syria to North Korea to the UK, the week culminating in Valentine’s Day has been pretty miserable and it needs to be discussed because news outlets are not giving it due attention.

Let’s start at home. This week in the UK the government has pushed through numerous, wide-reaching cuts to public services. Junior Doctors are (very much rightly) on strike in protest of Jeremy Hunt’s shameless attempt to privatise the NHS, MPs are going to get another pay rise that puts their lifestyle even further ahead of the people of the UK (whom they technically work for) many councils have had their funding slashed unless their representatives are members of the Tory Brass, Free School Meals were ended, Michael Gove is closing 86 local courts around the UK and the dodgy Google Tax Deal still looms in people’s minds. Meanwhile, almost none of this was reports by the BBC.

The Tories have been annoyingly clever, but not in a “this is for the good of the people,” way, in a “we’re going to get away with this,” kind of way. The problems start with the BBC reporting almost none of this. All the news above was deemed almost unnecessary by the BBC bar the Junior Doctors’ Strike, which got a mention. It did not make the front page of their website and nor was it a big story on their breakfast programme. However, even if the BBC had reported this in the impartial way they claim to report things, there would have been so much for people to take in and to rail against that not all of them, perhaps not even most of them, would be stopped. I’m not going to talk about the news itself as there are news sites that have talked about them if you want to learn more, but, for one week’s worth of news, it seems an awful lot.

Then of course we look further ashore. North Korea has apparently managed to launch another nuclear bomb and tensions between East and West are, apparently, rivalling that of the end of the Cold War. To further complicate things, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now at war with Russia in Syria only a few days after Assad avowed to retake all of Syria. It all points to a very “doomsday-esque” war and could easily spell the end of the world, especially with the news that Saudi Arabia has moved tactical nuclear weapons into Turkey. Do I think it will all kick-off? I’m not sure, but I have to edge towards no with a side-dish of “I hope not.” If I did think it was all going to be kicking off I wouldn’t be writing this right now, I’d be taking out short term loans and blowing them all on having a good time for my last few days.

All that aside and, while all these events are important, it’s the slow, degrading death blow that is being dealt to the working class in the UK that is most getting me down. Everything moves from bleak to bleaker and this article perfectly sums it up. I want to write a conclusion here but reading the linked article is probably better. Happy Valentines Day to all the nihilists and the cynics.


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