Dota 2 – I loathe All Pick

I’m decent at Dota. I’m not going to claim I’m good, but I can play all the heroes (besides Arc Warden) and I enjoy playing most of them. Obviously my skill in each role varies and my knowledge of each hero does too, but I would like to think that I know enough to be capable of playing each hero. Unfortunately, All Pick, the most popular game type in Dota, doesn’t like that mentality.

This is just an opinion piece but I really think I’m onto something. All Pick is where everyone starts. It’s the Team Death Match of Dota 2 and, sometimes, if you’re playing with friends, it can be a fun game type, but the more I play it the more I detest it. The same heroes are seen over and over again, the same stupid strategies, the same crappy team play and people who straight up don’t know how to play trying new heroes.

This last point I will expand upon. Everyone has to start somewhere, I understand that, but, in All Pick, quite often you just see people spamming their best heroes or the heroes of the meta. I haven’t played a single game of All Pick in 6.86 that hasn’t had at least one of these in the game: Invoker, Pudge, Nature’s Prophet or Legion Commander (JUNGLE LEGION COMMANDER SUCKS, BUT WHY DO I KEEP LOSING TO IT??!?!?!)

It’s dull, more than anything. I don’t mind losing but I like to at least enjoy myself while I get rekt. All Pick ensures that, if you’re playing against the OP heroes of the meta, you’ll never have a chance to recover. It makes all the flaws of pub Dota more obvious. Lack of communication, lack of teamplay, the vast amounts of ragers that fill the servers and shitty item builds that everyone seems to flock to. Variety is the spice of life and All Pick is the overpowering shot of Bailey’s in your drink that means that everyone you experience thereafter is tainted with a creamy, coffee taste that’s both familiar and repulsive.

Maybe I’m just having a bad day but it has reminded me why I like Single Draft so much more. You’ll still see Pudge, Legion Commander, etc. quite often, but not nearly as often as you do in All Pick. You still see people who don’t know how to play their heroes and people who are trying out new heroes, but your enemy has had the same barrier placed on them so they aren’t playing their favourite heroes either. It evens the playing field somewhat for people playing solo, or just for people not as a 5-stack. The only reason I have been playing it is because of the hero challenge that has been brought with the Winter Compendium, something I will talk about soon. For now though, this has made me feel a lot better.


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