Dota 2 – Abusing the mute button

I have had some pretty bad games today. I was trying to play ranked to win this bet I have with my friend (first to 3k) and I continuously feel stuck in a loop of getting players who aren’t all that bad but I quickly find I don’t want to play with, but I am finally bringing myself to using the mute button as an instant reaction rather than a last resort.

I’ve met some wonderful people through Dota. I tend not to play with the randomers I meet online as I already have a fair few friends I know outside of the game that I can play with, but nonetheless the players that I have met make up a good portion of my Steam friends list. However, I have met equally as many people who are unpleasant to be with.

It’s taken almost 2 years of playing Dota 2 for me to finally have switched attitudes. I can now quickly open the player-menu and mute anyone and everyone who I think might annoy me. I don’t bother returning their insults, I don’t bother trying to punish them somehow, I just mute them, and it has helped a lot.

However, it’s still difficult not to rage when you see someone doing something stupid, whether you’ve muted them or not. An easy example of this: Cliff jungling Nature’s Prophets. WHY!?!?!??! This isn’t baby’s first Dota, I’m not playing with people who are brand new to the game, these people should know by now that it’s a terrible build. It’s also difficult to stop yourself when you see someone build something like a Shadow Blade against a Spirit Breaker. FYI, that was also in the game with a cliff jungling Nature’s Prophet that I had today, and it was he who did it. I just despair.

A part of me, however, thinks that maybe being flamed every so often is good. The amount that it goes on at the moment is somewhat ridiculous but a little probably helps us. When I’m flamed one of two things happen; either I feel a gross indignation and hatred towards the flamer and I (used to) flame back, or it makes me want to play better and win the game even more to prove them wrong. Of course, they will never give up their dislike of you, but that’s why you mute them and just carry on with your day. It’s not all doom and gloom and, while I don’t think anyone should flame, it’s inevitable that people get frustrated in Dota and sometimes you will just have to deal with it and make the anger you feel into something else.


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  1. Paeijwei · January 31, 2016


    I’m from the Grae Area, and I nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I like your blog because it has a lot of Dota 2-related posts. I wish I could write about video gaming more often!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    The link to the nomination can be found here:



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