Noel Gallagher is a funny man

I hate giving celebrities attention, especially ones that don’t deserve it, but I couldn’t help but laugh at an article I just read on Stereogum wherein they rip into an article by Esquire interviewing Noel Gallagher.

I think it’s funny mainly because of how Gallagher thinks about himself. I think it’s difficult to work at the top of any industry and not get an inflated ego. Nay, I think for some careers, like careers in sports, you have to believe that you are or can be the best in order to succeed, but, in this instance, Gallagher is dismantling Oasis’s legacy piece by piece. The size of his ego, as well, is something quite spectacular, touring solo as Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, trying to keep the 90s alive since 2010.

Not mentioning that Beady Eye and “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds” are terrible bands that pale in comparison to Oasis, but he seems to have a thing for telling people his opinions when he isn’t asked, which produces gems like the article I read. He talks about Radiohead and dislike for them and, to be honest, I can see why someone would dislike them. The reason he dislikes them seems to be very one-dimensional, stating that they’re “not for me. We’re (his wife and himself) are party people.” If he had just said this, it would be fine, but he goes on to elaborate, particularly calling out Thom Yorke, slandering and insulting him on a musical and personal level which only brings attention to Gallagher’s own flagging career.

He goes on to insult a whole load of other people, including One Direction, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) Royal Blood, Adele and a few others, calling them “posers” and saying that “fame is wasted on them.” One part that I find especially funny is when he says that rock & roll stars who don’t have a drug addiction “aren’t very rock and roll.” Good job Noel, I know you’re not winning any “human of the year” awards any time soon but what you just did was encourage substance abuse to the point of dependence. I think most people have found themselves in a sorry state where they’ve had too much of something at some point in their life, but encouraging it is comical. In an interview as well. Not in a song where shit like this can be seen as “poetic,” but in a interview where he’s trying (and failing) to be taken seriously.

One thing that does get my goat is that he says that Kanye West is the only celebrity worth watching and that Kate Moss hasn’t been “replaced” by a modern alternative. Maybe we just have higher standards than Mr. Gallagher?

Strangely I think that, if you’re going to be famous for something, you ought to be good at it. I like to think I’m not alone in thinking this though. The Arctic Monkeys, for example, can and do write really solid songs and so they are famous. Oasis wrote some really good songs and they were famous for it. They no longer do so and so the limelight has moved on.

In many ways I think he’s in denial. Later in the interview he mentions that “band reunions” are a “modern disease,” and I frankly can’t think of anything that would make him happier. He’s not in the spotlight, he’s not writing music, or at least any that I’ve heard of, and all he ever talks about is how much better Oasis was than equivalent modern bands. He’s not packing out stadiums, he’s playing some medium sized gigs while living in the shadow of his past. He should exit the stage with grace and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle his fame has afforded him instead of drawing attention to himself.

Just one more thing as well; Why do the Gallagher brothers look as though they’re about 20 years older than they actually are? Noel looks like he’s coming apart at the seams and will soon be rocking out in a wheelchair whole his hair is desperately clawing at the unnatural black he is dying it.


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