Why have I been very creative recently?

I recently came home for Christmas and there are a number of factors that I think have led to me being a lot more creative. I started a new book which I am very enthusiastic about but, more pleasingly, I have started writing songs that I am actually pleased with, even if it takes a while for them to come to their final form.

Firstly, I am working a lot. I know it seems strange to come home from uni and start working more but, at uni, whenever I had an assessed piece of work, I had bags of time to do it and, if the challenge proved too much, I could usually find someone to copy it from, even if they and I thought that their answer was trash (believe me when I say that being able to copy other people is the only perk of doing a maths degree) However, now that I am back home I am keenly aware that my exams are the first week back and I have a very limited time to revise and learn. It motivates me to work harder, though it might seem counter intuitive. After all, if I need to get as much work done as possible then why am I spending time writing songs and writing in my down time instead of just relaxing?

Well, I think a lot of it is to do with the type of work. I’m doing maths and it’s quite intellectually challenging and being creative is a release for all that stress and confusion. It’s art and, unlike maths, it doesn’t have to be perfect and it can be my own. Beating the guitar strings into submission and singing at the top of my voice is also quite stress relieving; like screaming at the teachers who set you the work.

Another reason, I think, is that there’s not much for me to do besides be creative. Barring maths, my favourite past time of Dota is a no-go. Partly due to the new patch, partly due to the lower internet speed here and partly due the fact that I live with people with normal sleeping patterns and normal routines. I can write my book or write lyrics in the evening without too much sound, or I can do my maths like I was doing before this. It’s worth saying that I’ve always found working before bed to be an incredibly good time to work because you are motivated by sleep and, if you have next to no self-control when it comes to when you eat or when you relax like moi, then setting yourself a task to be completed before bed seems to work a treat.

I’m also around other people a lot more. That may seem counter intuitive since all my lectures are packed with people my own age and I go to societies as much as I can afford, but hear me out. In my house at uni I live with 5 other students who live completely independently of each other. We don’t have to see each other if we don’t want to and the only time we really see each other is in passing or if we plan to go out. At home with my family we eat meals together and my dad is always downstairs working. Meanwhile, my brother’s bedroom is right next to mine and generally he pops in and out a few times a day. I’m not quite sure how this directly helps me be creative. Perhaps it is seeing people being busy that helps whereas, in the aforementioned uni house, everyone just sits in their room and does their work.

I guess that’s a bit of a weak note to go out on but I genuinely feel like there is more of a “buzz” about me when I write or play and I want to capture as much of it as possible.


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