6.86 – The Misery of Power Update

I don’t think I can take it. I’ve not had a single good game in my entire experience with 6.86 thus far. 10 games in and I can’t think of a single time when playing Dota was actually fun.

I don’t want to be the intensely reactionist outsider on the internet that says everything is either the worst or the best of its kind, but 6.86 for me has been playing with or against a Kunkka, Riki and Pudge in every game and I’m already sick of it. Arc Warden too is usually present but I’m not sure anyone knows how to play him yet.

Let’s start with Arc Warden. The client labels him as a carry, which is fine, but what abilities does he really have that allows him to carry better than, well, anyone? His first ability is either used to kill someone who is on their own or to make them run towards an ally in a team fight to allow for a big ultimate from an actually good hero to land flush. His second is, I would argue, a support ability, which gives you 100% evasion and attack speed in a designated area. Very strong if the enemy has to fight somewhere. His third ability is a lot like the first but relies on people walking into the place you put it and you can’t select a target for the damage it does if you place it in a team fight.

None of that, to me, sounds particularly strong. When I look at him I basically see a worse Tinker with evasion instead of March of the Machines. None of his abilities really lend themselves to any item in particular. In fact, while writing this I am trying to theory craft.

The usual build is either Midas + Necronomicon + Manta Style probably with BoTs, or Midas + Dagon + Scythe. I think both of those builds are terrible. The first is because, if you wanted split-push, why not pick a split push hero like Enigma or Nature’s Prophet or Lycan or just anyone else in my opinion. The second build I dislike because you are trying to make him into Tinker, which, if you wanted to do that, just play Tinker. A build that I propose, which I think is slightly worse, is for a carry Arc Warden.

Midas into Radiance, then you send one illusion to split push and another to farm the jungle. It may also help if you build an Iron Talon to deal with bigger jungle creeps while your Midas is on cooldown. Then I propose a Scythe of Vyse so you can set up kills for your carry. After that I am really not sure what you build besides, perhaps, damage and attack speed to try and make him into a proper right-click carry. That said, you could jut go for straight damage from the get go and build something like Sange & Yasha first.

Herein lies one of the other problems with him; an awful lot of items are very viable on him and that means that not many are in that band of “very useful” that you want them to be. For example, a Blink Dagger is a necessity on people like Axe, Sand King, Earthshaker, etc. because it allows them to get into a good position for their abilities. However, while it is good for the same reason on Alchemist, Alchemist may want to build something else first like Radiance, Basher, Manta Style, S&Y, MKB, Heart, Battlefury, Maelstrom…. all these things are viable and good in different ways as a first item but there’s none that leap out at me and tell me that I really need them.

But the real misery of this update has been the Kunkkas and the Pudges because I have seen so many. Not a single game has gone by without at least one present and most have seen both. Some are good, some are terrible, some rush Aghanim’s Scepter’s like idiots and some don’t.

PSA to all Kunkka players: Unless you are a support or you have someone who can follow up your boat with something like an Echo Slam or a Static Storm DON’T RUSH AGHS!!!!!!! It has lost me 2 games thus far, one particular pissant criticising other peoples’ builds while rushing Aghs and taking no one else’s advice for it. PSA to all Pudges: FUCK! YOU!

“Comebacks,” I think, will become a little bit more rare in this patch.


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