Dota 2 – 6.85 is Doom’s playground

Doom seems to be the hero of the month at the moment. It seems that, while he’s not as reliably picked up like Tusk or Gyrocopter were last patch, he’s still seeing a lot of action, and this time as an offlaner. Obviously the reason teams want him is for his ultimate “Doom!” which is, arguably, the most powerful ultimate in the game. It silencers a hero but, also, stops them from using items and stops their passives. In order to balance this IceFrog had to make Doom incredibly weak in every other way but, in the process, made him borderline useless. He received, what I interpreted to be, a slight buff in the last update, making “Scorched Earth” do more damage and heal him for more, increasing the damage/heal from 12/18/24/30 to 12/24/36/48.

I’m not going to throw around the accusation that he’s “overpowered,” because I think it’s too early to tell. While I maintain that 6.85 was slightly underwhelming, I think it was necessary as there were far too many heroes that were completely worthless in the patch. However, I feel that Doom really suits this patch’s meta now that he has been buffed. Without it he was completely unviable in competitive but now he has the lane presence to not get completely zoned out and his ultimate can take out the most critical heroes for the enemy’s strategy.

He is also a very versatile hero. He is most frequently played as an offlaner but has also been played as a safelane-carry or a greedy support in the jungle. This makes it very difficult for teams to counter him, especially since he has no hard counters. With this comes the benefit of him easily slipping into any draft, though in competitive he is usually first picked or banned. His biggest weakness, in my opinion, is the player who’s playing him. It’s very easy to get too aggressive with Doom, in my opinion.

He has very low armour (0 at level 1) and is very weak up until level 7 (i.e. before you have maxed “Scorched Earth.”) The problem is that he also has a large amount of health which isn’t great if you’re trying to take him down with magic damage, which is the main way people play against him. If he does end up losing the lane, even if it’s only by dying once, he can go into the jungle quite easily as the build is fairly similar. When you get into the mid-game he can either start roaming or stay farming and grow massive. I personally feel that roaming Doom is much stronger than a farming Doom purely because, at 10-20 minutes, people don’t have the items they need to survive a gank with a Blink Dagger Doom or even with the slow from Scorched Earth. Then, transitioning to late game, Doom has the potential for Aghanim’s Sceptre as well as a whole host of items like Shiva’s Guard or Assault Cuirass, and his spell “LVL? Death” scales incredibly well. He thrives on being tanky enough to survive a 1 on 1 while his ultimate ticks down his enemy’s health.

Overall I think Doom doesn’t need changing, but he needs someone who can counter him. I’m sure there’s one in the game already, Winter Wyvern leaps to mind, but there isn’t an obvious one since Doom, as a spell, goes through BKB and, should you build a Linken’s Sphere to try to counter him, he has another single target spell “LVL? Death” that can break Linken’s before he uses Doom. It’s frustrating to play against him for the moment but, eventually, someone will find a counter.


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