Why I love Virtus.Pro right now

Continuing my theme of Dota 2 posts, I want to talk about why I love Virtus.Pro so much. Their roster is as follows:

  1. Illidan Stormrage
  2. God
  3. DKPhobos
  4. Lil
  5. fng

This is one of the only rosters where I don’t need to look up the players on GosuGamers or Liquipedia. Usually I know 2 or 3 core players but knowing a whole roster is something that is reserved for only the people I place in the highest esteem and I shall explain why while this becomes a more personal post rather than just a Dota 2 article.

I supported Na’Vi. Everyone did, in the days of TI1 and TI2. In those days I didn’t know what Dota 2 was, so when a friend of mine said “Hey, let’s watch the TI3 Grand Finals where Na’Vi are the fan favourites,” I stayed up until 5am in the morning to watch the finals only to get up at 8am the next day. I didn’t play Dota for a while, it was too hard for me, until a friend of mine who wasn’t the one who coaxed me into watching TI3 offered to teach me how to Dota. One year later and I am a better player than him, though not by much. I got into the competitive Dota 2 scene quite quickly and initially I supported Na’Vi, but, when I got really interested in watching Na’Vi, they were in a time of flux. They had just let Puppey go and had just acquired fng from Power Rangers, and this is where I started supporting VP.

You see, fng was young, new, and full of ideas. I liked how his drafts were both within the meta but trying something new. I liked how he played aggressively but had a plan if it went wrong. I like how he went for his dream with both hands. So, when he was kicked from Na’Vi after only 2 months, I was somewhat torn. I told myself that I would still support Na’Vi, after all, they had Dendi, but when the newly formed NVMI turned Virtus.Pro Polar came to play Na’Vi, I turned coat to support VPP.

I liked fng that much, and it is from him that I have learned to love all of VP. Illidan is a fantastic pub. player who isn’t afraid to take risks. DKPhobos is someone who performs well every game and is the best offlane player in CIS and European Dota in my opinion (2nd best in the world to Zai) God is THE BEST MID PLAYER. He will sometimes lose mid but that is mostly because supports roam into mid to catch him out. Much like Dendi, he harkens back to the days when solo mid was just that; mid got no support and he is so fantastic because of that. I have heard many things about how he used to tilt, and I notice that, nowadays, he keeps his composure and it just shows how far he has come as a player. Then we come to supports.

How can I sum them up? Lil is a pub star that is literally the best Visage in the world. fng is the drafter to end all drafters. He is the new Puppey. Old Dota players won’t lose their edge but fng offers something new. How he moves in game and how he acts in team fights is fantastic. I won’t pretend any member of VP is perfect but fng hits all the right notes when I watch him. He is the support that Illidan needs. He is aggressive, courageous and, much like Puppey, unafraid of risk taking, or even failure. There is phrase that I think of when I see fng play: “either I win or I learn.” Give fng a year or two and he will be better than Puppey.

I know this sounds like an awful lot of optimistic thinking but I really love VP. When they play teams like Secret, EG, LGD or Cloud9, they are always the underdogs, but they don’t act like it. Everyone wants to see something brilliant and, in my mind, more often than not; they deliver. They beat THE favourites in TI5; Team Secret, 2-1. They have beaten all 6 of the teams higher then them on GosuGamers at some point in their lives (admittedly not always with the same roster). With the CIS region there is a lot of competition at the moment. I haven’t written Na’Vi off as some people have, and CIS-R and Empire are fantastic teams but, for me, VP is the one to watch. In my mind the ratings are as such:

  1. Evil Geniuses
  2. LGD Gaming
  3. Team Secret
  4. Virtus Pro
  5. Other scrubs

I am a massive VP fan. I first liked them when they were NVMI because of fng and when Illidan was teamless and I have supported them since they were V.PP. Wherever fng goes, I will go but I really like every played in VP. I will hold a special place in my heart for all of them. I want to play how they do, despite the fact that I am a 2k MMR scrub. 5th in TI5 is amazing and I think they should be really proud of themselves, and I am really glad they kept the same roster after TI5. Here is to another year of amazing Dota from all of them.


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