The New Team Secret

Team Secret played their first official matches this week seeing a 2-0 victory against Na’Vi and a very tense match against Alliance which ended in a 2-1 victory for Secret as well. Tomorrow they play Virtus Pro, the team I support, and I think it will be a match for the ages, but I’ll get onto that eventually because I wanted to talk about their new roster after Secret was savaged by the post-TI5 shuffle. The players and positions are as follows:

  1. Eternal Envy
  2. W33haa
  3. Misery
  4. Puppey
  5. PieLieDie

When I see the old Team Secret roster I remember how boring they were to watch. How S4 would play the same 3 heroes mid and do the exact same thing every game, how Arteezy could never take the risks his playstyle is famous for because there were no risks to be taken in Puppey’s game-plan and how Kuroky is just boring and a horrible person. Zai was fantastic and I hope when he returns to the pro-scene in a year or so after his final exams he hasn’t lost anything and Puppey is the same as always. Puppey, however, fell into a routine with Secret, as every team ends up doing when they have a stable roster, because the ideas worked and the players were good, but now, with a new lineup led by him with 2 former team captains alongside him to offer their views of the game, we should see some more interesting drafts, though Puppey still has a thing for Dazzle.

We have new blood now. Fresh meat, if you will pardon the reference. Eternal Envy, I hope, will be able to shine a bit more than he did in Cloud9. He puts himself under a lot of stress and hopefully now his team, comprised of experienced players, can channel that to help him improve. I feel that Puppey’s experimental playstyle will help this a lot as well because it will force Eternal Envy into playing more unusual heroes like, for example, the carry Tusk in game 1 of Secret vs Alliance.

W33haa will benefit the most from playing in Team Secret. He is the newest to the professional scene on the team and I think that rubbing elbows with experienced players will help him develop his playstyle into something more suited for professional gaming rather than for matchmaking, and, of course, his microskills will be put to good use when Puppey wants to please the crowd and there is a lot of me that wants Meepo to get buffed in the next patch so that he becomes a viable hero in the professional scene.

Then Misery, who I actually feel has been underperforming but, in this meta, there aren’t many viable offlane heroes, though it’s not the laning stage that he’s falling down on. I may have just watched a couple of games where he had a rough time. Obviously against Alliance Loda and Akke are to be feared so he was up against it and it feels that, in this meta, because of the focus on the mid position getting farmed as quickly as possible, if the offlane has a rough time, there’s no way he can recover because he just doesn’t get given priority to recovery farm. I think it’s too early to tell.

Puppey and PieLieDie. I think this will be one to watch. From what I can see their mentalities surrounding the game is fairly similar and they have quite a range of heroes they can play between them. I honestly have very little say about this because I think they are both fantastic players. Everyone knew Secret would be one to watch, particularly since they made such a big splash after forming, but now I’m actually interested in watching them instead of feeling bored whenever I hear their name.


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