The Tories are terrified of Jeremy Corbyn

The dust has settled a bit after Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party and I wanted to follow up my post about British politics made a couple of days ago. Of course this pushing my Sword Art Online post even further back but I promise I will eventually get back to nerdy stuff. I talked about how David Cameron was deliberately misinforming people, which is nothing new in politics but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get angry about it. It actually drives me crazy. However, I realised, after I saw David Cameron say on Twitter “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security,” that David Cameron and the Tories are actually terrified of the new centre left Labour.

Purists of politics like to think that the Tories won the election because of their policies, and that seems to be line the media is taking. It is strange that, during the election, they made things into a personality contest between Cameron and Miliband, using their scare-tactics to hoist Labour voters away from someone that the Tories “didn’t trust,” but, now that Labour has someone capable as a leader, they are turning to policies. Unfortunately, the Tories know that they can’t actually win there either, and they have already started, with this tweet and with the British newspapers of the last two days, their propaganda machine based on fear. In fact, there are many media outlets trying to claim that the Labour party will disintegrate in the next few months.

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I actually laughed at that. Jeremy Corbyn won a landslide victory and the only people who don’t like him are the MPs. Corbyn has said to those who are revolting against him “there are always others who are willing to take a front bench position.” This entire last election is living proof of why Corbyn is such a good choice, particularly when compared to the Blairites he was competing against, like Andy Burnham. There was a big uproar about the Greens and UKIP not gaining more seats after gaining a substantial amount of the vote. People were clamouring for more choice that simply wasn’t there; the entirety of British socialists had to choose between the slightly radical Greens (though I still voted for them) or Ed Miliband’s Labour Party. It was a party that was more socialist than Blair’s but whose policies were all over the place with the cracks between MPs showing before they’d even started their campaign.

The only thing that can stop Jeremy Corbyn is the Tory controlled media. In fact, it seems that they are on defcon 5 already, as any Tory MP who gets in front of a microphone has been told to repeat how Jeremy Corbyn is a “threat,” to some kind of security or another. I would laugh so hard if I didn’t think that the Tories have a good chance of succeeding in their strategy. I’m out of this country either way but it would be nice to think that Britain has some kind of hope and wasn’t just the laughing stock of Europe. It’s a country that seems to think it still controls 1/4 of the world and Osborne and Cameron seem to think they are, combined, the John Blunt and South Sea Company of the 21st century and not Punch and Judy.


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