TI is over and update

TI5 finished this weekend and, since I went to a friends to watch the final in style, I haven’t been able to blog for the past few days because of crushing drunkenness or a crushing hangover. I was very satisfied with the result and, while there were many upsets over the course of the main event, I think all teams performed admirably and, after all, there can only be one winner. If, somehow, you don’t know that Evil Geniuses won then I guess you just found out and aren’t particularly surprised. However, congratulations belong to them and especially to CDEC. While EG went in as a favourite to win, CDEC defied all the odds to come 2nd and really mucked up every Compendium owners’ predictions for the main event. Anyway, moving on.

There have been a few things that I’ve wanted to plug for a while. Namely that I have a podcast called the Cloud, Lusuna and Podcast Podcast, or CLAP Podcast for short. You can find that here. It’s me and my girlfriend talking about stuff, and we use our real names! We don’t quite have a format yet. If you want to check out her stuff you can find it here. She’s a far more talented blogger than I and she talks about a range of things but particularly about mental health. She’s the person who get me back into blogging after I gave it up prematurely during high school.

I also wanted to say that I’ve started playing WoW again which, obviously, none of you knew that I played WoW before but I would warn you to expect a few posts about that in the coming weeks and months. Obviously that will be on the slow days when I don’t have anything to talk about. I’m really enjoying it though.

Finally, I’m trying to write a sodding book  but it just wasn’t happening during TI5. Maybe now I can get some work done on it. But more info on that will come when I’m a ways into it and I have a cohesive idea on what it is going to be about.


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