The International 5 – Part XVIII – Pauses

Pauses are an expected hindrance in some tournaments, and of course, in online play. However, it is usually a staple that The International doesn’t allow pauses. However, this years TI is taking place in an arena using normal servers and I have seen multiple games where a pause, relatively early on, has completely disrupted the game.

I’ll be clear here and declare that I think pauses are justified. From what I’ve heard most professional players are good sports and play fairly, however, you can’t deny that pausing gives each team a chance to calmly sit back and talk about the game at hand. Of course these pauses vary in length. Some games, in the past, have been completely called off because the players just can’t play properly, whether it’s an internet issue or a server issue or whatever, but some pauses are just because a player dropped his headset and only last 10 seconds. However, when it is a long pause many people will notice that teams tend to play somewhat differently afterwards, particularly if the team was losing.

I’ve just finished watching LGD vs Virtus.Pro and I’m not sure how influential the early pauses were but LGD paused a few times in game 1 and, to be honest, it aided them a lot more than VP. While I see that pauses are necessary I really think that, in LAN tournaments, pauses shouldn’t be allowed. I don’t quite understand why this TI has allowed pauses when the last 3 haven’t but, alas, all teams will have to deal with it and, as seen in one of EG’s matches where everyone had to DC because of an undeclared server issue, not all pauses are unjustified.

Just a short one today and maybe not one tomorrow while the finals are on. See ya later 🙂


One comment

  1. Lusuna · August 8, 2015

    Shame about VP losing 😦


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