The International 5 – Part XII – Techies

Techies may legitimately be a deciding factor in who wins TI5. Steadily the number of pro games with Techies in has been rising and, as a result, so has the number of Techies games in Dota 2, especially after Secret ran a Techies lineup in the ESL One Frankfurt final. While I think teams and players should use all tools at their disposal, as soon as I see a Techies in a game, whether it’s for the team I’m rooting for or who they’re playing against, or in my own games either with or against me, I immediately know that this will not be a fun game.

Techies is the 3rd latest hero to be added to Dota 2 and he is basically Satan himself. There are heroes that are tricky to play against. Necrophos leaps to mind, with Sniper and Faceless Void soon in tow, however, none of them have the same kind of burning hatred I reserve for a Techies. He makes you second guess every movement you make, irritates you when you stumble upon his mines placed in the strangest of places, irritates you when you walk over his mines in a place that you know was clear a minute ago, and more annoyingly, he makes you buy sentries, gems of truesight and orchids to stop his fiery hatred somehow finding you.

This is a bit of a rant blog but EG recently ran a Techies lineup 2 games in a row against CDEC and I kind of don’t want them to win TI5 anymore. I think it would have been a cool little experiment, and I understand why they ran with what worked for them before when offered the chance, after all, there’s a lot at stake in The International, but it doesn’t stop me from disliking it on principle. He is anti-fun. He stalls games for no good reason, he has no hard counter and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was banned or picked in literally every game past the quarter finals, and hopefully banned more often than not.

There are some people who find watching Techies entertaining. I thought it was quite interesting when he was first picked by Secret because I hadn’t seen a pro game with a Techies yet, but I learned that every techies game is exactly the same. I hold SirActionSlacks partially responsible as well for the rise in Techies players as his video Asshole’s guide to Techies. He is now 4k MMR because of playing Techies and the same strategies he claims to have invented were used by EG in their 2 Techies matches.

Overall though, there is some good that will eventually come from all of this. First of all, since Techies is not fun to watch, even when compared to the stale meta-game of 6.83 when every game featured a rotating cast of 20 heroes and no others, he will probably see some kind of change that makes him useless for professional play. This could bring about an Ursa-like state where he has a high winrate in public matches but is never picked up in pro games.

Secondly, Techies is massively OP now that people have found out the right way to play him. Bear in mind also that Techies is the only hero that has a “best way to play” in Dota. Every hero should be played a different way depending on which game you are in, but the only choice in playstyle you have to make as Techies is whether you want to lane at the start of the game or roam. This has basically meant that Techies has become massively overpowered. As with any hero that has a near flawless win rate in professional games, he will be nerfed to hell next meta. Gyrocopter and Tusk are the two that will probably also get nerfs with maybe some minor tweaks to TA and Undying, to name a few. I hope we start seeing less of Techies because, at the moment, Dota 2’s 6.84 is quite entertaining but Techies is really begining to ruin it for me.


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