The International 5 – Part VI – Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses have had a good year. With the unfortunate and surprising loss of their star mid-played Arteezy to Team Secret to kick things off, they soon found a replacement in the young Suma1l, who quickly, in my opinion, surpassed Arteezy and is one of the top 3 mid players in the West along with God and S4. Early in the year, very soon after their roster change, they entered and won the Dota 2 Asia Championship, the 3rd largest esports competition to date, if you include the upcoming TI5.

After that came a flurry of second place finishes in the MLG pro league and The Summit 3. With a wobble for the MLG pro league 2, they returned to form picking up a second place finish at ESL One Frankfurt and a first in Dota Pit League Season 3. Playing through all of these with classic EG style they have incredible grace under pressure. They are known for playing better with higher stakes and, frequently, getting off to a slow start. TI5, in my opinion, is theirs for the taking.

I read today that it is possible that teams have narrowed their sights on Team Secret, perfecting a playstyle to directly try and counter them. I hope this is true of EG because they are the staunchest competition they face. But now I should quickly move on to the players.

Sumail I have already introduced but, hailing from UAE, he is only 15 and has a lot of skill for his more experienced teammates to build on and work off of. It seems EG, in the current meta, like to draft around Sumail and ensure he gets a good degree of farm but, more importantly, ensures that he is able to start ganking to shut down the enemy team. As a side note, he is known by many as the best Storm Spirit player in the world, and this reflects his playstyle; preferring flashy heroes which can make big plays and have a big impact as soon as possible.

Next we have Fear, also known as Old Man Doto. At 27 years old, Fear has a lot of experience and, from an early age, knew he wanted to play video games for a living. When he discovered Dota it was love at first sight, and now he is ranked as one of the best players in the world. While I know Fear plays a good Ursa, Tiny and Windranger, it hard to say who his best heroes are because he has such a huge hero-pool. He’s played Dota for years and I see him as the most reliable player in the world. Everyone has bad matches and good matches, but Fear’s bad matches range from “okay” to “a little underwhelming,” and his good matches go from “Fear is carrying his team hard,” to “I think I can 1 v 5.”

Next, their offlaner Universe is, again, a very seasoned player. He played in Online Kingdom with Fear during the first International and, while playing with EG for a few months afterwards so they could play in TI2, he parted ways with him for a while and, after a few successes with teams in between, eventually found his way back to EG by 2013 which has been his home ever since.

Then we come to their newest acquisition besides Suma1l, Aui_2000. Apart from being considered the best Chen player in the world, he is capable of finding a rather large amount of farm on supports that don’t farm all that quickly. He was kicked out of Cloud9 by their ever try-hard captain EternalEnvy, no doubt frustrated as being known as the 2nd place team. EE stated that Cloud9 needed to be a “Championship Team,” but then, one month after joining EG, Aui_2000 helped them win the Dota 2 Asia Championship, taking away between them $1.2 million. It seems that EternalEnvy should immediately regret his decision.

Finally we come to their captain PeterPanDam, or ppd for short. He is the least experienced member of their team but that doesn’t mean he isn’t suited for his role. His drafts are usually very stable and err on the side of caution. He knows what works and doesn’t like to take a risk on what only “might work” if he has to. However, since Fear has such a broad hero pool, with Universe’s close behind, he can feel fairly confident in what he drafts.

Overall I see EG as the most reliable team out there, despite them losing to Na’Vi in the XMG Captain’s Draft tournament and drawing with literally everyone else. They are the face of American Dota and, in reality, no other American Dota team can hold a candle to them. Complexity is going to TI5 through the open qualifiers but, unfortunately, don’t stand a chance in my opinion.


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