What I have learned from several attempts at blogging

This, once more, is a post that opens with an apology for the lack of content, and I want to delve into that some more. Right now, for me, it’s the summer holidays. I arguably should do some work and earn some money but, to be honest, I am bored of using my brain, and want to zone out for a good long while and write my book. I will get round to earning some money on the internet and I will set that aside, in my schedule and my mind, as “work.” This blog, however, is not work, and the quickest way that I have found to make me not write is to set myself deadlines.

This is why the updates to the creative writing blog have not gone through and why I am sitting here now, rambling about things in my life. When i started this blog, I set out with one very simple goal; update it every day. Setting myself exact things to do tarnished that goal in my mind, and now I have fallen way behind. I will, at some point, get back to updating every day and I will do those follow up posts to the “Creative Writing” post, but, for now, I am going to take it day-by-day and talk about what I feel like.

So, my past blogging attempts. I previously used blogger and my first blog, now taken down, was a way for me to rant and ramble about things in life that annoyed me during puberty. Teenage years are a whole other kettle of fish that I won’t bore you with.

Then I took a long break from blogging because, after my classmates found my blog it ruined all the fun for it and I just got teased for it. Then I came back to it when my girlfriend started a blog. Unfortunately, they all fell through as well, and most have been deleted. There was one that I started as a political blog that, I believe, is still up and running but, to be honest, I’m not especially pleased with it. It certainly feels that it is me ranting, though about equality rather than about how annoyed I am at the school system this time. Finally, there was a video games blog which I didn’t get very far with, primarily because I didn’t want to start doing reviews of games but eventually did. I enjoyed it, but I needed to tone it down. Some of the posts were 3,000 words long and I feel like, if I want to keep things interesting for the reader, I should give myself more of a limit, such as the 800 words I float around on here.

The reason I ended up with so many is probably just a categorical issue. Like YouTubers have a separate “gaming channel,” I had blogs for every part of my life, and it hurt the experience for me. There were some that didn’t get updated at all and some where I just didn’t feel like writing for them because, on particular days or weeks, I had nothing new to say about gaming or politics and I had no unique viewpoint. Hopefully, since I can talk about anything on here, I won’t have that, and this blog will be updated for a long time to come.


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