Cloud vs the world

In my inaugural blog post, my only goal is to use the word inaugural as I get very few chances to use in the “real world.” Said real world in question, for me, is a furious mixture of Dota 2, sleeping, pretending to find a real job, working online, worrying about university and other stressful things. I do play other video games, but Dota 2 is my baby, as I’m sure you’ll soon see.

Over the next few months and, potentially, years, if I haven’t got fed up with myself enough to stop writing about me, I hope to write a blog post a day, around 800 words in length, partially as a way to feel productive, partially to get me out of bed in the morning but mostly because I want to be a writer and, thus, possessing a certain level of skill and creativity when it comes to story crafting and linguistics is kind of a must. This, hopefully, will help me reach a higher skill level in that. I’ll stop showing off now.

So, who am I? I hear none of you ask. Well, I am a 19 year old boy living in Essex, England. I attend university in Reading and, thus, live there 3 months out of every 4. While there, I partake in many video games, some drinking and, when I can be bothered, I do my course, which is Maths and Statistics, which is less interesting than it sounds and it doesn’t sound particularly interesting to begin with. I’m sure you’ll learn my views on higher education at some point, but, right now, that’s all you need to know.

A warning now: I define myself as a liberal socialist. Not much to say about that besides, whether you hold a similar view point or not, I won’t respond to you if you can’t string a coherent sentence together and make a valid point, one which isn’t being flown off into gaga land or, to give its other name, Downing Street.

Hmmm, what else is there? I guess I could tell you about what I’m writing!

Thus far, in my life, I have completed one novel-length piece of work. While in dire need of a great deal of editing or, on my moanier days, a complete rewrite, it is called All Angels Are Virgins and was about a very small group of teenagers, most of whom are in their final year, all trying to find themselves as the prospect of having to go it alone properly quickly realises. If that sounds like something you are interested in reading then, please, message me. If you catch me in a good mood, or if I’ve finally got round to editing it, then I will send it to you free of charge if you can provide me some useful feedback.

I’ve also taken part in 4 NaNoWriMos. If you don’t know what that is then, during the month of November, if you read this blog, you will learn, as I hope to take part again this year. I succeeded 3 times in reaching the goal of 50,000 words and one of them eventually blossomed into All Angels Are Virgins, but the others I don’t consider of any great value. As far as other things I’ve written; I started writing another book about teenagers, this time set in a small town where a mysterious girl turns up and believes that she is the second coming of Christ. That fell through because there was no driving action, it was too pretentious and, to be honest, it just ended up being a bit dull. I think that the second coming of Christ is, to most people (myself included) a laughable topic and so trying to deal with it, and make it appeal to young adults didn’t really work.

Then there was the first incarnation of what I am currently trying to write. I am currently writing a fantasy book loosely based on the Punic Wars. The first iteration was just too long-winded. I got 25,000 words into it and decided that, if I continued in the style I was writing, the number of people still reading after the halfway mark would not only be decreasing with every word, the number would be exactly equal to the number of family and friends I had forced it upon, with that number decreasing ever more as they disowned for forcing that god awful book upon them.

Anyway, that’s me for tonight, I think. I didn’t really know what this post was going to be about but I did have fun writing it. See y’all.


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